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Keep your Shopify and Square inventory in sync

AutoSync lets you easily sync your inventory between Shopify and Square - automatically

Control your inventory across platforms

Have you ever sold out of an item in your store that was then ordered online as well? Prevent customer disappointment by keeping your inventory in sync


We're faster than other solutions - we check your inventory and resolve any discrepancies every 60 seconds

True stock counts

Whenever there is a stock change in one of your shops, it will be updated on the other platform by AutoSync

Increase efficiency

Reduce manual work - without AutoSync, you have to update your inventory after every sale - no more!

What are the benefits of using AutoSync?

Inventory sync made easy

No coding necessary

Simply connect your Shopify and Square accounts, and we'll take it from there!

Automatically sync stock levels

If you sell an item via your Shopify store, it will be reflected in Square, and vice versa - automatically, in real time

Boost your customer satisfaction

Accurately show your stock levels to your customers, and reduce manual busywork

Give it a go!

Keep your inventory levels in sync across Shopify and Square

Try the auto-sync feature for free. No credit card required.